May 10, 2011, 3:26 pm
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You saw the way her body looked at me
         all address
                     calling me down
she was so
                     curve and volume
her body presented itself—
                     I could mold it
You were taboo
not totem—
covered her
though your wing gave no shelter
Your pale plumage
became shadow
Your beak caught
in the net of her hair
When I entered her
         her death became my life
in her death swoon
         she fell away from me
the more she fell
         the deeper I pursued her
the deeper I went
         the more lost she became
her body
         became a forest of echoes
hills and valleys
         echoing each other, a language
I didn’t know—
         surrounded: alone
The discarded body
lies in long grass
Flies and wasps
fumble there—
on a summer day
the lost girl hums—
Kelly, Sarah, Joanne changed
into parable
Prodigal hair
flung out
             body agape
like a question
The scavenger crow knows—
she’s beautiful,
outgrowing her name
in the noon heat

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