9.5 year throwback?
August 11, 2011, 4:28 pm
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“so cry yourself to sleep. i am strong and you are weak. WAIT- you are strong and i am weak. cry yourself to sleep.”

i wrote this stream of consciousness february 1, 2002 in my senior year of high school. the girl in this piece reminds me so much of my former students. but i needed to write this then, just as i need to continue writing in my life now. though i’d like to think i’ve evolved quite a bit!

i can hide beneath these covers
and i can cover my ears
every time you bring it up.
please stop bringing it up.

and i can look at your hands now
and not want to touch them.
i can admire simplicity in the wrinkles,
the calloused fingertips.
i can picture you interlocked.

and god im so tired
of resorting to music
for solutions to everything.

i need to let go.
this melody does nothing
but bring me back
to where i was, where i thought
i wanted to be.

and this week has flown
like we flew on our own.

and this day has eased
from morning to afternoon
to night, to a dream.


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