Short History of Pets – Carol Potter
August 25, 2011, 7:55 pm
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Girl had a dog that bit people.
Bit the bread lady and the girl
from up the street.  Bit the gas man.
Girl came home one day
and the dog was gone.
Asked mother and father
where the dog went.
They told her they took the dog
to the Vet and the Vet found
a new home for the dog.
The girl missed the dog but thought
of the dog in her new yard, some new
children.  Girl knew the dog
was dead.  Saw you could believe
two things at once.
Dog is alive.  Dog is dead.
Mother and father sleep
in their bed, and daughter sits up
thinking of the dog happy
in her new home.
She sees how important the story
she tells herself is.
It’s a good story.
Girl remembers the dog’s
pink tongue.  Thinks of that tongue
licking a new palm
in a new home.  Dog under the table
eating what the new kids
won’t eat. It’s an easy thing.
You take a bite of food,
then wipe your mouth
with your napkin.
You stick the food in the napkin.
Then put your hand
in your lap, politely.
Open the napkin for the dog.
Let the dog eat what gags you.


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