quarter-life crisis
August 26, 2011, 5:05 pm
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Quarter-life crisis: “The quarterlife crisis is a period of life following the major changes of adolescence, usually ranging from the late teens to the early thirties, in which a person begins to feel doubtful about their own lives, brought on by the stress of becoming an adult. The term was coined by analogy with mid-life crisis.”

I’ve been telling myself, as well as friends and family, that this is exactly what I’m going through. however, after reading this definition I’m not so sure anymore. I’m not doubtful of myself, and I don’t think I’m stressed about being an adult (unless this MFA is truly considered part of growing up), but all I can think about is moving. I am absolutely obsessed with the idea of packing up and moving abroad. it certainly doesn’t help that I work for a company that promotes moving abroad, “connecting” candidates from around the world with room and board in exchange for a few hours a day of babysitting or conversational english. I’ve also decided to begin taking french lessons in gainesville next week. however, I have enough on my plate between the MFA and my job, and I don’t particularly want another weight on my shoulders, right?

is it easy to live in another country? absolutely not. is it possible? definitely.

but I have dogs,a cat who loves nothing more than being outside, a boyfriend, and heaps of.. stuff lying around that make everything a bit tricky, especially since I’m stubborn and unwilling to give anything up. sacrifices? sure. loved ones? no thank you.

maybe the temporary cure is just traveling more often. or a move in general, out of middleburg.

clay tells me that I’m more into the idea of moving somewhere than actually doing it.. that I’m romanticizing the thought of somewhere new but my life would remain the same, regardless of where I live. yes, my life is what I make it, as are the cities. if I live in a new city and refuse to step outside, nothing will change. but after my MFA is finished in June and nearly half of my time is free, what excuse will I have left?

it blows my mind that I’ve been in the same city for nearly 20 years. even more mind-blowing is that I can use the phrase “20 years ago” in sentences now when referring to my own life. but that’s another entry..

it doesn’t even necessarily have to be a “big city.” it just needs to be something new. which is why maybe I should give in to travelling more. maybe this trip to Spain in November will cure whatever pending issues I have left?

I think I’m just ready for a change.


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