WHO IS COMING, YOU ASK – Gunnar Ekelöf
October 13, 2011, 7:39 pm
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Who is coming, you ask
You wish somebody would come
Don’t you know that you are the one who will come
You will come, but not to any god
to Nothing
Its doors stand open
Its doors swing in the wind
What will be found in there?
What will you offer me?
O always something!
There will be a little dust, some ashes
a broken cogwheel on the dirt floor
and some slagstuff, as when a smithy is torn down
though it’s always possible there never was one at all

SUCH a great poem.. I can’t stop reading it! That second line completely caught me off guard.. I love the intensity of the voice there. And then the capitalization of Nothing, the lack of capitalization in the word god.. seems so effortless.. there is just so much to love in this.

I just finished reading Friends, You Drank Some Darkness (amazing title, right?!), a book with three Swedish poets: Martinson, Ekelöf, and the newly crowned Nobel Prize winner, Tranströmer. And while this book has been on my list for the semester since June, I set it aside as one of those books that I’ll want to read when I’m reading a lot of other books that I’m.. not sure I’ll like as much, if that makes sense. I have a newfound love for translations since discovering Carlos Drummond de Andrade, and was really looking forward to this book.. but didn’t know I’d fall for Mr. Ekelöf!


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