Wonders of the Deep- Susan Prospere
October 26, 2011, 6:38 am
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The mermaid speaks:

I suffer myself to come unto you-
my twinkling radiance
hardly a star,
but it’s more than I can tell you:
I’m hotter than you are
My fetching light
will shine for you
beneath your darkest door. I’m
kind for you; I’m blind
for you; I’ll find you
o’er and o’er. Oh
lead us not… you say, you pray, but still
I ask for more. Hello,
hello, oh no, oh no, oh yes, goodbye,

and still I’ll ask for more.
Oh, let this pass for love for me
for I will take allure,
but each time that you come
to me I hear you say
you cannot take no more. A
double naught, and so we ought, and so
we go for more. And here’s
the room we do it in-
on scaling stair, on winged chair,
on top of the ocean floor, and
swimming o’er and o’er,
the lookdown fish will shine
for us above the conch’s roar.

The poem is so much prettier on paper. I can’t get it to format correctly! 


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