lines I like today

“I made a journey.. with the most honest people on earth- I mean, affectionate like violins, pitiless and brave like children who can’t talk yet, ready to die as easily as birds or live a thousand years.” -Nazim Hikmet

“There is a whole world of crushed rivers and unachievable distances in the paw of a cat crushed by a car, and I hear the song of the worm in the heart of so many girls.” -Federico Garcia Lorca

“Who is writing, who is holding my hand? It is not mine. Nothing is mine. Neither the mask, nor the role.” -Blas De Otero

“I want to describe myself like a painting that I saw a few feet off, and close up, like a word that I finally understood, like a pitcher I use every day, like the face of my mother, like a ship that took me safely through the wildest storm of all.” -Rainer Maria Rilke

“You’re a pumpkin, the snow in the apple, the tiny bell that rang in error when you came to take the neighbor away.” -Tomaz Saluman

“Don’t write yourself in between worlds, rise up against multiple meanings, trust the trail of tears and learn to live.” -Paul Celan


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