December 9, 2011, 2:40 pm
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found this in an old email account.. wrote it in 2004!

in this room i remember dancing
i remember arching my toes like the neck of the giraffe at some zoo. some zoo on 3rd and oregon and i remember his face that day. i remember the way that giraffe smiled with his eyes.

we are in love, see.
i fell in love with that giraffe upon first glance. all of those crazy spots like a polkadot machine had exploded erupted onto the sleeve of his shirt running down the hem of his pant leg running down the rest of his being. the pattern of his skin represents everything you wish those dolce gabanna fivehundred dollar pair of shoes could bring out in you.

it doesn’t matter to me
you’re thinkin’ im some sort of crazy for wantin’ some giraffe to take home when you’re wishing, you’re wishing you had some lean machine to protect you like that steroid scum you eye at the gym every tuesday night. you hope he likes to read about chemistry and you wish those blueredpurple veins bulging from his biceps would be close enough to touch.

and i thought about our population, today.
news says we need to support a one kid policy in order to bring the numbers down like giving birth is a number a fact a statistic that we worry about. my giraffe and i don’t have to worry about kids because we’ll be too busy taking vacations. i’m gonna meet his parents and sit down for dinner in some jungle restaurant and we will talk about how his brother was killed by a hunter named larry and how unreal people are, today. this is why im better off with my giraffe and not your musclebrain from the gym.

he has these eyelashes
long enough to sweep the shit coming from your mouth from your the lace of your shirt and provide space for those with meaningful things to say like bless you’s and thank you’s and how do you do’s that would cheer up our day.

the word giraffe
comes from the arab word xirapha which means walks fast. fast fast he walks faster than your muscleman and faster than you might think he can and fast enough to take me home before the sun sets. there’s no one after him because you don’t see hyenas and lions prancing down cherry street with guns tucked into their pants or smug looks on their faces.

i saw us in the paper this morning
beneath the article on abortion and taxes and lottery scams that filled your face after that jelly doughnut sank into your thighs and you gulp down the last bit of gourmet coffee in some rush to get where you need to be in your fancy shit car because you quit school for the muscleman so that you could stay home and pop out his kids with foreheads too big for their own good. the caption says i was crazy, but i was taking a ride on his back to quit my job because i’m in love and i can’t focus on watching your kids or cooking your meals or emptying your trash when you have two strong hands to do it on your own.

you’ll see us in love on every corner and wish you had arched your toes to blow him a kiss before i did. the day i met him was the day he spent the night and the day he stole the flowers from the shop on 23rd and main with a swoop of his neck and no one came after him because no one comes after a giraffe walking down the street, no one bothers to say a thing and we like living in peace.


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