Two Insanely Beautiful Poems by Roger Wolfe
March 23, 2012, 7:25 am
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A woman
rides by on a bicycle
at two ‘clock in the morning,
her beautiful dark legs
pumping the pedals
while a breeze lifts her dress
to reveal
a miracle
of feminine flesh in motion.

Our eyes
meet for a moment
and she is gone.

There are things like that
which make you realize
what little you really know
about anything.



Words are useless, stubborn, twisted
like screws that won’t go in straight.
And they tire me. But they are all I have.
The playthings of a poor boy.
They lie gutted all around me.
All their magic spills out of their open bowels.
Their inner workings long ago stopped being
intriguing or attractive.
There’s no challenge. There’s no spark. There’s no color.
The world is as gray as my disgust.
Words are the columns of my fatigue.
But they are – I have said it, I repeat – all I have.


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Very good: I enjoyed those, thanks for posting

Comment by wobsy

so glad you liked them! i’m a sucker for a beautiful translation! 🙂

Comment by falloncollins

Great poems. I’m trying to remember which anthology they appear in.

Comment by inkposts

New European Poets -Wayne Miller and Kevin Pruffer

Comment by falloncollins

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