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May 9, 2012, 6:56 am
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Forget the Final Four, this season’s big news is that VCFA is the winner of the CRW MFA describe the imageTournament, 2012! Hosted by authors Bill Roorbach and David Gessner on their fabulous writing-themed blog, Bill and Dave’s Cocktail Hour, this competition pits the top sixteen MFA in Writing Programs in the country against each other in a battle for the rank of “The greatest writing program in the country.”  And today it was announced the Vermont College of Fine Arts, a program they called ” unseeded, non-traditional, low-res, upstart” managed to “CRUSH the competition at every juncture.”
This good-spirited race featured the MFA in Writing Programs from heavy-hitters such as Iowa and Ashland. Bill and Dave must have been wearing plaid jackets and sporting pomaded comb-overs because they provided their best sportscaster blow-by-blows to summarize the process:

Ashland and Virginia tech played a nailbiter, but in the end it was scrappy Ashland who prevailed, and maybe got a little cocky: because here came the Monster from Montpelier!  Who’da thunk Vermont could take on OSU?  But they did so with ease, garnering more votes than their whole half of the bracket combined.

Bill and Dave are speechless, but the system has spoken.  Best MFA program in the land?  Vermont College of Fine Arts, ladies and gentlemen, VERMONT!

This is the last word, of course, at least for 2012.  Bill and Dave’s has spoken.  All other rankings are obsolete, refer to them no more.  Let’s celebrate in the comments column.  And don’t forget to drink responsibly.  Riot police are standing by.

We at VCFA are proud to have won this prestigious and entertaining distinction, and owe it all to our loyal and enthusiastic alums, students and faculty. As the blog authors say when comparing this contest to the more tradition Poets & Writers Magazine rankings, “Unlike in the Abramson system, these voters have tasted the food, baby.”  Perhaps we should issue each and every voter a VCFA foam finger.

The Top 16 programs in the country according to Bill and Dave’s Cocktail Hours’ scientific and foolproof methodology:

1. Vermont: 192
2. Bama: 64
3. OSU: 51
4. McNeese: 44
5. Goddard: 43 (a spate of late votes would have made G number 3, but…..)
6. George Mason: 35
7. UNCW: 23
8. Ashland: 22
9. SDSU: 21
10. Virginia Tech: 15
11. Arizona State: 13
12. BGSU: 9
13. New School: 7
14. Arizona: 7
15. Iowa: 7
16.  Penn State RIP: 5



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