Each Defeat -Eileen Myles
August 4, 2012, 10:25 am
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Please! Keep
reading me
because you’re going to make
me the greatest
poet of
all time

Keep smoothing
the stones in the
let me fry an egg
on your ass
& I’ll pick up
the mail.

I feel your
absence in
the morning
& imagine your
instant mouth
let me move
in with you—
wrapping your limbs
on my back
I grow man woman
I see wild wild wild

Keep letting the
day be massive
Oh please have
my child
I’m a little
Prose has some
Magic. Morgan
had a
whore in
her lap. You
Big fisherman
I love my

I want to lean
my everything
with you
make home for your hubris
I want to read the words you circld over and over again
A slow skunk walking across the road
Yellow, just kind
of pausing
picked up the warm
laundry. I just saw a coyote
tippy tippy tippy
I didn’t tell you about the creature with hair
long hair, it was hit by cars on the highway
Again and again. It had long grey hair
It must’ve been a dog; it could’ve been
Ours. Everyone loses their friends.

I couldn’t tell anyone about this sight.
Each defeat
Is sweet.


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