Thing -Dorothea Lasky
December 21, 2012, 1:41 am
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If this is going to be the descent well then let me go
Let me go sinners with your rubber masks
Let me go lovers and angels
With your paltry blue powder dresses
And faces full of soot
For the young reddish skin of another
Is all I have left to give to my animals

You said it was all an act—so what
I wore the mask too
But you never knew so
You looked deep into my eyes as if you could find me
As if I ever existed, at all
And were not the house where the minted walls hunger
Where the green roof looks mournful

Where the walls hunger for you
Where the killing will happen
Where the moon is not our gentle mother
But a face with no mouth
To find it
And when you went to kiss the mouth
Of the moon

It was my mouth you found
Oh how scratchy the skin of the real mouth
Oh how it hurts to tumble the mouth of the real face
Oh how pointed the fangs from the real mouth
The mouth you thought was living
The mouth that was never living
The mouth that was dead for all time


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Nice, thanks for sharing!

Comment by Ann McK.

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