Room 512 -Molly Dorozenski
February 23, 2013, 7:39 pm
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I hold everything too dear. Everyone says so.
Lately, I’ve been having some trouble sleeping indoors.
I never know what shoes to wear to bed. I can’t imagine anything
good enough, but I also feel funny with bare feet.
We talk about replacing my hands with branches.
I take a walk and I think I see all kinds of forest animals
in the city. A deer I guess, or something quick.
It is because of what I am either reading or eating.
The deer takes the blame for all my mistakes.
The deer runs into the intersection and slows the traffic.
I tried to mend all the old recipes.
I use an actual telephone, and it rings and rings.
Someone (not me) invented the idea of horrible praise.
Now I compliment the worst things and it is not my fault.
I recommend sad movies that make people want to have sex.
I tell everyone I love the city. I suggest a sequined jacket.
Then everyone is telling me I am pretty in ways I do not like.
I check into the hotel where terrible things happen.
There isn’t even a room key.
You just take the elevator and close your eyes.


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