How to Commit Social Suicide -Jen Karetnick
July 15, 2013, 11:00 pm
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Stumble over nothing; walk into glass
doors nose-first so that it leaves
a mark like a zit too deeply rooted
to pick; talk to yourself as you skip
the cracks on sidewalks. Sing
in the passenger seat of the car
and chair-dance to music only you
can hear. It’s easy to be awkward,
because really, aren’t we all? Still,
public wrist-slitting requires a commitment
as fierce as the unrequited love
you have for the wrong vehicle.
Take Tri-Rail to work
and snore through your stop.
Fart wetly on the Metro and don’t
deny it. Enjoy infinitum at corrugated
bus stops because it gives you more time
to read the latest novel about zombies
who eat people’s faces, and imagine yourself
the author, on tour with an entourage
of speculative characters who sway
when you sway, inhale the same
acrimonious air, and jerk to a stop
only at the stuttering shrieks born
from the hook of your upraised fist.


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