1920’s slang
September 28, 2013, 3:00 pm
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1. Ankle: to walk

2. “Applesauce!”: “Horsefeathers!”

3. “Bank’s closed!”: what you tell someone to stop making out

4. Bearcat: a lively, spirited woman, possibly with a fiery streak

5. Berries: like “bee’s knees,” denotes that something is good, desirable or pleasing. “That sounds like berries to me!”

6. Bimbo: refers to a macho man

7. Bluenose: term for a prude or individual deemed to be a killjoy

8. Bubs: a woman’s boobs

9. “Bushwa!”: “Bullshit!”

10. “Butt me!”: “I would like a cigarette.”

11. Cancelled stamp: a shy, lonely female, the type one would describe as a “wallflower”

12. Cash: a smooch

13. Cake-eater: in the 1920’s refers to a “ladies’ man”; later, slang for homosexual

14. Cheaters: Glasses or bifocals

15. Choice bit of calico: a desirable woman

16. Darb: something deemed wonderful or splendid, similar to “berries”

17. Dewdropper: like lollygagger, a slacker who sits around all day and does nothing, often unemployed

18. “Don’t take any wooden nickels!”: “Don’t do anything dumb!”

19. Dumb Dora: an unintelligent woman

20. Egg: a person who leads an absurdly wealthy, extravagant lifestyle (see: Gatsby’s “West Egg”)

21. Four-flusher: someone who mooches off the money of others in order to feign wealth

22. Gasper: cigarette, “fag” (also of the 1920s)

23. Giggle water: liquor, alcoholic beverage

24. “Go chase yourself!”: “Get out of here!”

25. Handcuff: engagement ring

26. Half-seas over: shitfaced

27. Hayburner: a car with poor gas-mileage, a guzzler

28. Hotsy-totsy: attractive, pleasing to the eye

29. Icy mitt: rejection from the object of one’s affection, as in: “He got the icy mitt.”

30. Iron one’s shoelaces: to excuse oneself for the restroom

31. Jake: okay, fine, as in “Don’t worry, everything’s jake.”

32. Jorum of skee: a swig of alcohol, particularly hard liquor

33. Know your onions: to know what’s up or what’s going on

34. “Let’s blouse!”: “Let’s blow this popsicle stand!”

35. Manacle: Wedding ring

36. Mazuma: Dollar bills, cash, money

37. Mrs. Grundy: an uptight or very straight-laced individual

38. Noodle juice: tea.

39. “Now you’re on the trolley!”: “Now you’ve gotten it right!”

40. Oliver Twist: an extremely good dancer.

41. On a toot: on a bender

42. Ossified: drunk

43. Quilt: an alcoholic beverage that keeps you warm

44. Panther piss: whiskey, particularly homemade whiskey

45. Petting pantry: a cinema or movie theatre

46. “Phonus balonus!”: “That’s nonsense!” or “That’s horseshit!”

47. Pull a Daniel Boone: to upchuck

48. Reuben: a hick or redneck

49. Rub: a dance party for college or high school students

50. Sheba – someone’s girlfriend; or a sexually desirable woman

51. Sinker: a doughnut

52. Sockdollager: an event or action of great importance

53. Spifflicated: inebriated

54. “Tell it to Sweeney!”: what you say when you believe something to be untrue; “Tell it to someone who would buy that!”

55. Tomato: a woman

56. Upstage: arrogant, snobby

57. Whoopee: to have a good time, “make whoopee”

58. Wurp: wet blanket or person seen as a buzzkill (see: Debbie Downer)

59. Zozzled: shitfaced


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