Alex Dimitrov
November 10, 2013, 6:44 pm
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What do you think of the role of poetry in the public sphere? It seems the internet has a significant role in a new proliferation of poetry, and that people have more access to your work if it’s published online than in a more classically reputable print journal.

I think poetry and the internet are in a long term relationship that’s based on true love. As poets, we have so much potential to change people’s lives for the better by giving people poetry instead of advertising, instead of chit chat, instead of the same ten words used in the same ten ways on the same ten television shows—and we can do that more and better than ever through the internet. We can give people the real, which is what poetry is, and make them excited to go live their complicated lives instead of making them feel dead because they’re surrounded by dead language on the street, on the train, on television, at the movies. Well, the internet is everywhere and nowhere at once. Which is a place poetry is very comfortable with. The internet is a huge part of my creative process and my creative work. I don’t see that changing. What I see is the internet changing poetry and vice versa. I’m so happy to be alive and making things at this particular moment.


love this.


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