Alex Dimitrov
November 10, 2013, 6:44 pm
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What do you think of the role of poetry in the public sphere? It seems the internet has a significant role in a new proliferation of poetry, and that people have more access to your work if it’s published online than in a more classically reputable print journal.

I think poetry and the internet are in a long term relationship that’s based on true love. As poets, we have so much potential to change people’s lives for the better by giving people poetry instead of advertising, instead of chit chat, instead of the same ten words used in the same ten ways on the same ten television shows—and we can do that more and better than ever through the internet. We can give people the real, which is what poetry is, and make them excited to go live their complicated lives instead of making them feel dead because they’re surrounded by dead language on the street, on the train, on television, at the movies. Well, the internet is everywhere and nowhere at once. Which is a place poetry is very comfortable with. The internet is a huge part of my creative process and my creative work. I don’t see that changing. What I see is the internet changing poetry and vice versa. I’m so happy to be alive and making things at this particular moment.


love this.


I Wanted To Write It For You – Alex Dimitrov
November 26, 2012, 7:20 am
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Someone has written it lightly in dark paint.
Did you come here to be with yourself?
Did you finish that day you couldn’t begin?
That’s not what was written but what I came to ask.
I wanted to live with you.
I wanted to know where you leave yourself
and who you live inside.
Someone has written it lightly in dark paint.
I wanted to call you, I wanted to hear
just you. Talking. To me.
I wanted to see your mouth move.
I wanted to write you.
A novel, no letter.
Do you understand?
I wanted to write
without a beginning or end.
I wanted to write just the love part for you.
Someone has written it lightly in dark paint.
Above a window. Near a fire escape.
Because we have no escape
I wanted to write it.
Someone has written it lightly in dark paint
like I wanted to write it for you.
Just the love part.
That’s the only thing I wanted to write.
That’s what it says. Above a window.
Framed by a fire escape.
That’s what someone has written.
Just the love part.
There’s no plot. Nothing happens.
Nothing will happen in this poem.
Nothing much happens in life.
Nothing worth knowing about really.
Just the love part.
No beginning or end.
I wanted to write it for you.

lines i love today

“It isn’t ever delicate to live” -Kay Ryan

“This must be the part of the story where you refuse to say how the bodies you’ve walked toward continue walking in you. With heavy black boots in a calm procession of darling and honey– they walk up and down the narrow streets of your heart.” -Alex Dimitrov

“I’d like to teach you the names of those trees, to confess how much I need to miss you to finish this off.” -Alexander Long

“Everything wild is sweetened out of them.” -Mona Van Duyn

“When we find what we can’t have, the whole body hurts, the tongue hurts, the skull like a teapot. It starts in the eyes.” -James Cihlar

“Yesterday morning, smoking a cigarette on my front porch, I watched a woman stand outside with her mouth open to remember the taste of rain” -Angel Garcia

“Even old sailors keep their love of the wind.” -Robert Bly