lines i love today

“It isn’t ever delicate to live” -Kay Ryan

“This must be the part of the story where you refuse to say how the bodies you’ve walked toward continue walking in you. With heavy black boots in a calm procession of darling and honey– they walk up and down the narrow streets of your heart.” -Alex Dimitrov

“I’d like to teach you the names of those trees, to confess how much I need to miss you to finish this off.” -Alexander Long

“Everything wild is sweetened out of them.” -Mona Van Duyn

“When we find what we can’t have, the whole body hurts, the tongue hurts, the skull like a teapot. It starts in the eyes.” -James Cihlar

“Yesterday morning, smoking a cigarette on my front porch, I watched a woman stand outside with her mouth open to remember the taste of rain” -Angel Garcia

“Even old sailors keep their love of the wind.” -Robert Bly